Each visit includes the following: 

  • Playtime with lots of attention

  • Exercise/walk

  • Fresh water, food and treats

  • Scooping litter box

  • Cleaning any pet accidents

  • Bringing in the mail, newspaper, and delivered packages.

  • Bring in/take out trash cans and recycle bins.

Able to sit for almost any type of pet you may have! 


A St. Pete Beach resident servicing St. Pete Beach and the surrounding area

Pet Sitting/Visits - available any day of the week (holiday surcharges apply)

  • Dogs - $20 per 30 minute visit up to 2 dogs ($5 extra each additional dog)  

  • Cats  -  $15 per 20 - 30  minute visit (depending on the cat) up to 2 Cats  ($5 extra each additional Cat )   ‚Äč